We Believe in Israel (WBII) has launched ‘It’s Time to Talk’ aiming to urge Mahmoud Abbas to enter into direct talks with Israel with no preconditions.

In recent months Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has continuously called for peace talks “today – not tomorrow, not next week, today” but has so far been ignored by the Palestinians.

We Believe in Israel’s campaign highlights Israel’s historical record of pursuing peace through land for peace deals, and urges Mahmoud Abbas to enter into direct talks to make peace a reality.

We Believe aims to gain enough traction that the Foreign Secretary will publicly and directly call on Mahmoud Abbas to return to the negotiating table without preconditions.

Luke Akehurst, Director of We Believe in Israel said:

“There is no excuse for the Palestinian Authority not engaging in peace talks. The status quo is not sustainable and not in the interests of Israelis or Palestinians. It’s 50 years since the Six Day War. The issues arising from it need to be resolved. To his credit Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly offered talks without preconditions. It’s time the Palestinian Authority reciprocated.”

“It’s Time to Talk” includes a full programme of events and initiatives, including: