Many issues will contribute to each voter’s final decision in the General Election on 8 June.

We want candidates to know that Israel is one of the factors that influences how many people vote.

We are partnering with the Israel Britain Alliance (IBA) and asking our supporters to contact the candidates in their constituency and ask them to support A Pledge for Israel.

The pledge reads:

If elected to the United Kingdom Parliament I Pledge…

  • To oppose the extremists who challenge Israel’s right to exist.


  • To support the right of people in the United Kingdom to enjoy Israeli culture and promote business, educational, religious and other connections with the Jewish State without fear of discrimination, boycotts, harassment and/or intimidation.


  • To support those who genuinely seek to promote and establish a permanent, just and comprehensive peace between Israel and its neighbours.


  • To celebrate the fact that Israel is a free society and parliamentary democracy that extends to all its citizens the right to practice their religion and have access to religious sites in Jerusalem.


  • To support the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism.


  • To encourage HM Government to promote trade with Israel that will increase investment and jobs for people in both countries.

Please click on this link and you will be taken to our campaign page.

If you haven’t the system before you need to add your name, surname and email address on the first page and you can also add extra family members if you wish.

On the next page, add your postcode and the system will find the addresses associated with that postcode.

Click on your address and the system will automatically find the candidates that are standing for election in your constituency. Please note that not every candidate may appear. This may happen for two reasons: the email addresses have to be researched and this is an ongoing exercise and it is not compulsory for candidates to provide email addresses.

Press “submit” and you’ll send an email asking them to make A Pledge for Israel.

When you get responses you’ll be able to judge where the candidates stand on Israel.

Finally, to enable us to keep tabs on responses can you send any responses you receive to

This will help us ensure that successful candidates keep their Pledge for Israel.

Every email counts so please join our campaign and forward it to your friends and family as well as sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.