We Believe Conference 2015

If you were unable to attend the We Believe in Israel Conference on Sunday 22 March 2015, or you were one of the 1500 people there and want a reminder of what was said, here are some of the key speeches:

Conference opening film: https://youtu.be/rmVpT9oIwwc

The Chief Rabbi: http://youtu.be/12Y1nLlcWPU

Michael Dugher MP (Shadow Cabinet): https://youtu.be/F68MujJ1rkA

Rt Hon Michael Gove MP (Government Chief Whip): http://youtu.be/aH7w57cKpcs

Gidon Sa’ar (Former Israeli Minister of the Interior): http://youtu.be/i1_I2pxpzqo

Ambassador Taub: http://youtu.be/CPG-A4RCzf8

Closing call to action film: https://youtu.be/OW8NmYfPqbQ

Key Partners
Jewish News    CST


The Jewish News – 2015 Media Partner

CST – Security Partner

The Board of Deputies of British Jews

The Embassy of Israel in the UK

The Jewish Leadership Council

UJIA – partner on the educational aspects of the conference

The Union of Jewish Students

The Zionist Federation

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