National & International Links


BICOM is an independent British organisation dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain.

Academic Friends of Israel

The Academic Friends of Israel has been campaigning against the academic boycott of Israel since 2002.

Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism

The Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism Foundation (PCAAF) is a registered charity centred on the principle that the struggle against prejudice and discrimination is not just the responsibility of the victims. The PCAAF provides secretariat support to the All-Party Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism.

Anglo-Israel Association

The AIA was established in 1949 by Brigadier General Sir Wyndham Deedes, the first Chief Secretary to the British High Commissioner to Mandate Palestine, who thought that it should not be for Jews alone to support the State of Israel. The AIA today, is an independent charity that enjoys the active support of people from different faiths and none, across the entire political spectrum. The Association’s primary purpose is to promote wider and better understanding of Israel in the UK; to encourage exchanges between both countries at every level and generally to support activities which foster good will between British and Israeli citizens.

Assembly of Masorti Synagogues

Balfour 100

Balfour 100 is the official tribute of the British Jewish community marking the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, issued on November 2nd, 1917.

Beyond Images

The purpose of the Beyond Images Project is to equip Israel advocates with facts, arguments, resources and techniques to advocate for Israel in a pro-active and balanced way. The Project is independent and run by volunteers.

B'nai B'rith UK

B’nai B’rith is an international global organisation, which brings together Jews from all backgrounds, with the aims of strengthening the Jewish community, combating racial and religious intolerance, and helping the less fortunate.

Board of Deputies of British Jews

The Board of Deputies of British Jews exists to promote and defend the religious rights and civil liberties of British Jewry. As the community’s democratically elected cross-communal organisation, the Board engages with Government, media and wider society, providing a unique means through which all British Jews can be heard and represented.

Christian Friends of Israel

Christian Friends of Israel is a non-denominational Christian organization seeking to seek to break down barriers and build bridges of genuine friendship with Israel and the UK Jewish community.

Community Security Trust

CST provides physical security, training and advice for the protection of British Jews. CST assists victims of antisemitism and monitors antisemitic activities and incidents. CST represents British Jewry to Police, Government and media on antisemitism and security.

Conservative Friends of Israel

CFI works to promote its twin aims of supporting Israel and promoting Conservatism. With close to 2000 activists as members – alongside 80% of Tory MPs – CFI is active at every level of the Party. CFI organises numerous events in and around Westminster, takes Conservative parliamentarians and candidates on delegations to Israel, campaigns hard for Tory candidates in target seats, and works to ensure that Israel’s case is fairly represented in Parliament.

Embassy of Israel


Engage was created to arm people with arguments and facts that they could use to counter the propaganda of the boycott campaign within the Association of University Teachers. Engage grew from a being a resource for that particular campaign into being a resource that aims to help people counter the boycott Israel campaign in general, as well as the assumptions and misrepresentations that lie behind it.

Fair Play Campaign Group

The Fair Play Campaign group was established by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council in December 2006. It works to coordinate activity against boycotts of Israel and other anti-Zionist campaigns.

Friends of Israel Education Foundation

The Friends of Israel Educational Foundation is a British, charitable foundation established in September 1976. F.O.I. seeks to promote an understanding of the hopes, achievements and problems of Israel in its Middle East context. To this end, the Foundation organises a variety of talks and presentations in schools, colleges, Christian centres and community associations around the U.K; many of these lectures are illustrated with slides or videos. In addition F.O.I. seeks every opportunity to forge working links between specialists and professionals in Britain and their counterparts in Israel. This work is not tainted in the slightest by “special pleading”. Links are built up solely between premier centres of innovation in the U.K. and centres of excellence in Israel.

Friends of Israel Initiative

Under the leadership of former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar a high level group met in Paris in the middle of 2010 to launch a new project in defence of Israel’s right to exist. This “Friends of Israel Initiative” has been joined by such notable figures as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate David Trimble, Peru’s former president Alejandro Toledo, Italian philosopher Marcello Pera, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, British historian Andrew Roberts, and others. Their key aim is to counter the growing efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel and its right to live in peace within safe and defensible borders.

Irish 4 Israel

Irish4Israel is a group of Irish people committed to supporting and understanding Israel’s security needs; to counteracting much of the lies and hatred spread in the name of truth within certain segments of Irish society, and to ensure that the conflict receives fair and impartial coverage within the Irish media.

Israel Advocacy Movement

The Israel Advocacy Movement is a grassroots campaign that seeks to educate the general public about Israel at street level.


JW3 is the brand new, Jewish community, arts and culture centre on the Finchley Road, London. The building will host a wide range of activities: from eating to exercise, from the arts to debate, from dating to nesting, with activities that bring people together, whatever their religious affiliation.

Jewish Chronicle

Jewish Labour Movement

Founded in 2004 as the successor to Poale Zion, the JLM continues to demonstrate its commitment to Poale Zion’s long-standing ideals in a manner appropriate for the twenty-first century. It views Zionism as the national liberation movement of the Jewish people and work to promote a secure, progressive, just and successful State of Israel. The JLM is an affiliate of the World Labour Zionist Movement. The JLM is the only Jewish entity affiliated to the Labour Party, both nationally and locally, and constantly presses the Party, both inside and outside government, to campaign vigorously against racism and especially the BNP, as well as promoting a viable peace plan to end the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Jewish Leadership Council

The JLC exists to strengthen the major institutions of British Jewry, to promote cooperation between them and to help the leadership of the community articulate a confident and compelling narrative of mainstream Jewish life in the United Kingdom.

Jewish National Fund

JNF is Israel’s leading humanitarian and environmental charity. It raises funds for the building blocks of everyday life in Israel such as reservoirs, irrigation systems, desalination plants, forest planting, recycling schemes, roads, housing and healthcare centres.

Labour Friends of Israel

Labour Friends of Israel is an organisation of Labour supporters promoting a two state solution, with Israel, safe, secure and recognised within its borders, living peacefully alongside a democratic and viable Palestinian state.

Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel

The Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel exists to support and promote policies which lead to peace and security for Israel in the context of a comprehensive and lasting Middle East peace settlement. It works to encourage a strong understanding of Israel unique political situation as the only democracy in the Middle East. It seeks to develop a relationship of trust and mutual understanding between the Liberal Democrats and the Jewish Community.

Liberal Judaism


Limmud is an ambitious and passionate organisation with a global reputation for creating events with a lively approach to Jewish learning.


In 2004 North American Jewish communities and the Jewish Agency began a partnership now called Makōm – the Israel Engagement Network. Through this network they have succeeded in laying intellectual groundwork and inspiring new initiatives that have significantly advanced the field of Israel education.

Movement for Reform Judaism

New Israel Fund UK

The New Israel Fund UK is the leading organization committed to equality and democracy for all Israelis. NIF are a partnership of Israelis and supporters of Israel worldwide, dedicated to a vision of Israel as both the Jewish homeland and a shared society at peace with itself and its neighbours. NIF strengthens organizations and leaders that work to achieve equality for all the citizens of the state; realize the civil and human rights of all, including Palestinian citizens of Israel; recognize and reinforce the essential pluralism of Israeli society; and empower groups on the economic margins of Israeli society.

Stand With Us UK

StandWithUs is an international organization dedicated to bringing peace to the Middle East by educating about Israel and challenging the misinformation that often surrounds the Middle East conflict.

Trade Union Friends of Israel

TUFI was established to promote Israeli-Palestinian trade union co-operation and strengthen the links between the Israeli, Palestinian and British trade union movements.

UK Lawyers for Israel

UKLFI is a group of lawyers that supports Israel using their legal skills. UKLFI employs advocacy, legal research and campaigning in order to combat attempts to undermine, attack or delegitimise Israel, Israeli organisations, Israelis, and / or supporters of Israel.

Union of Jewish Students

The Union of Jewish Student’s (UJS) mission is: ‘To create meaningful Jewish campus experiences and inspire Jewish students to make an enduring commitment to their Jewish identity, Israel and the community.’ UJS serves as the sole communal body representing all Jewish students to the Jewish and wider community. As a Union directed by its members, UJS’ priority is to meet the needs and demands of our members both individually and through Jewish Societies (J-Socs).

United Jewish Israel Appeal

UJIA’s strategy is designed to help guarantee a sustainable and positive future for the people of the Galil and the Jewish community of the UK. Their programme is built around young people and education, which we see as the key to securing our future. The future of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora are dependent upon each other. UJIA creates the ‘Living Bridge’ between our communities.

United Synagogue

WIZO UK is the largest Jewish women’s organisation in Great Britain and Ireland. WIZO is a non-party political movement of Zionist women providing a powerful voice on human rights issues and concerns relating to the status of women.


Yachad is pro-Israel, pro-peace. Yachad believes that: Israel’s best hope for safety and security lies in a comprehensive peace with its neighbours. That means a two-state solution: Israel and Palestine, time is running out and the two-state solution is in peril and now is the moment for diaspora Jews to play their part and do all they can in the search for peace.

Zionist Federation

The Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland was established in 1899 to campaign for a permanent homeland for the Jewish people. The Zionist Federation today represents the UK Zionist Movement more than 120 organisations, and over 50,000 affiliated members. Its function is to support, co-ordinate and facilitate the work of all its affiliates nationwide, and to continue its commitment to the Zionist youth movements. The Zionist Federation aims to encourage the participation of Jews in Zionist activities including education, culture, Hebrew language and Israel Information, underpinned by our belief that the main goal of Zionism is Aliyah. The Zionist Federation is an umbrella organisation encompassing most of the Zionist organizations and individuals in the country and, as such, represents the Zionist movement in the United Kingdom.