On 15th May 2011, a record 1,500 people participated in the largest conference in support of Israel to ever take place in Britain. Working through the rhetoric and misconceptions, participants learnt how to make a difference. Participants came from all backgrounds and were both novices and seasoned campaigners, Jews and non-Jews; politically active and not politically active.

The conference united behind Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and helped participants find their voices to engage with and support Israel in Britain.


  • Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for Defence
  • Gideon Sa’ar MK, Israeli Minister for Education
  • Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel
  • Ambassador Matthew Gould, British Ambassador to Israel
  • Ambassador Ron Prosor, Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St James
  • Trevor Kavanagh, Associate Editor and Columnist, the Sun
  • Matthew Doyle, Political Director, the Office of Tony Blair
  • Rt. Hon Bill Rammell, Former Minister of State at the Foreign Office and for the Armed Forces,currently Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Plymouth
  • Professor Robbie Sabel, Lecturer in International Law at the Hebrew University of�Jerusalem, Former Legal Advisor to the Israeli Foreign Ministry
  • Dr Tal Becker, Former Israeli Negotiator and Ex-Chief Advisor to Tzipi Livni, BICOM Senior Visiting Fellow
  • Colonel Richard Kemp, Former Commander of British Troops in Afghanistan
  • Amos Harel, Military Correspondent and Defence Analyst, Haaretz
  • Jonathan Freedland, Journalist, Author and Broadcaster, the Guardian
  • DJ Schneeweiss, Diplomat, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Luciana Berger, Labour & Co-operative MP, Former Director of LFI
  • Nick Boles, Conservative MP
  • Louise Ellman, Labour MP
  • Lee Scott, Conservative MP
  • Professor David Cesarani, Research Chair in History, Royal Holloway
  • Wes Streeting, Former National President, National Union of Students (NUS)
  • Chas Newkey-Burden, StandWithUs Advisory Board Member, blogs at
  • Yonatan Ariel, Executive Director, Makom
  • Robbie Gringras, Artist in Residence, Makom