“We, the undersigned, call on the British Government to stop Iran Air from flying in and out of UK airports."

Iran’s national airline, Iran Air, still operates flights between Tehran and Heathrow.

This airline is also used by Iran to transport military equipment for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as well as Iran’s Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics. It is a “sanctioned entity” in the USA.

The UK government’s position is that it “does not encourage trade with, or investment in Iran, and has withdrawn all commercial support for trade”.

Despite this declaration, Iran Air still flies to the UK. This must stop now.

Iran is a rogue state that commits human rights abuses, supports the Syrian government in its civil war, has stated its intention to wipe all of Israel and its people off the map, is donating arms and rockets to Hamas and Hezbollah who have fired over 13,000 rockets into Israel to murder its citizens and is continuing its nuclear weapons programme which is threatening to destabilise the Middle East.

Iran Air’s flights to the UK bolster the Iranian economy and increase the risk that Iran will acquire the materials it needs to bypass international sanctions and continue on its path to develop nuclear weapons.”

Will you sign?