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Aberdeen Friends of Israel


Bournemouth Action for Israel


Confederation of Friends of Israel - Scotland

The Confederation of Friends of Israel, Scotland is formed to train, resource and coordinate a growing number of groups around Scotland who are seeing to stand by the nation of Israel in the midst of pressures, boycotts and undeserved criticism.

Cumbria Friends of Israel


Dumfries & Galloway Friends of Israel


Dundee 4 Israel


East Midlands Friends of Israel


Edinburgh Friends of Israel


Forth Valley Friends of Israel


Glasgow Friends of Israel


Hertfordshire Friends of Israel


Highland Friends of Israel


Northern Ireland Friends of Israel


North London Friends of Israel

North London Friends of Israel is a grass-roots group dedicated to campaigning for Israel within their locality. They are a non-sectarian organisation, with membership open to anyone resident in North London who supports their objectives, regardless of religious or ethnic identity or political affiliation.

North West Friends of Israel

North West Friends of Israel is an organisation set up in the Summer of 2014 to advocate for Israel, fight Anti-Semitism and counter the outlandish claims of the BDS movement in the North West of England. NWFOI was set up by a group of individuals who counteracted the BDS campaign and antisemites who targeted Kedem, a Jewish owned shop in Manchester that became the target of anti-Israel propaganda during the Operation Protective Edge conflict between Israel and Hamas. In the short time since its introduction, NWFOI has organised a number of events including a rally against antisemitism attended by over 2,500 people, and along with their partner organisation they organised the first IsrACTION Day – encouraging people to purchase Israeli produce at supermarkets targeted by the BDS movement and donate to the homeless. Over £10,000 of food was donated in Manchester alone whilst thousands of pounds of food was donated nationally to local food banks.

Pro Israel, Pro Palestinian, Pro Peace

Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Peace brings together Jews and Christians and people of other religions and no religion in the pursuit of peace, and the wellbeing of all peace seeking parties. It aims to combat misinformation and encourage support for Israel and the ending of violence and hatred. It was founded in Richmond-on-Thames and is working for understanding, collaboration and respect between peace loving peoples.

Scottish Friends of Israel


Sussex Friends of Israel

Sussex Friends of Israel (SFI) is dedicated to developing greater support, awareness and understanding of Israel through education, communication and community partnership.

West of England Friends of Israel


West Midlands Friends of Israel


Yorkshire Friends of Israel


Zionist Central Council of Greater Manchester