Petition to the Secretaries of State and Shadow Secretaries of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs; Defence; and Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.


Anti-Israel campaigners are calling for the UK to impose an arms embargo on Israel. We, the undersigned, believe Israel has a right to defend itself and to procure the necessary equipment from suppliers, including UK ones, to do so. Israel is a democracy attempting to defend itself from specific terrorist threats from Hamas and Hezbollah that can and have killed and maimed its civilians, but also from a broader aspiration by Iran and its proxies to destroy the state of Israel, an ambition that is inherently genocidal.


We believe that British industry and technology have a legitimate and morally justifiable part to play in equipping Israel to defend its civilians, and in saving the lives of the IDF soldiers on the front-line against terrorism.


We therefore call on you to reject calls for the UK to consider an arms embargo.

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