Please sign our statement about the terrorist shootings in Tel Aviv on 8 June 2016.

We will be sending the statement and list of signatories to the Mayor of Tel Aviv to express our solidarity with his city and its people:

“We Believe in Israel condemns the horrific terrorist attack in Tel Aviv last night.

This was the shooting and killing of innocent civilians who were doing nothing other than visiting a café. They were attacked just because they were Israelis.

There is no possible justification or context that can excuse cold-blooded murder like this.

Far from being “heroic” as Hamas has claimed, this was a cowardly attack on innocent civilians. We condemn Hamas, which has claimed responsibility for the attack, for repeatedly trying to escalate conflict and drag the region back into war by perpetrating such attacks, and we condemn Fatah for its statement trying to excuse the attacks by saying Israel is “reaping the repercussions of choosing violence against the Palestinian people.”

We stand in solidarity with the city of Tel Aviv and the Israeli people as they try to maintain normal life and a free and democratic society in the face of relentless terrorism.”

Will you sign?