We call on Brian Eno in his role as a well-known musician, composer and producer to end his boycott of Israeli artists, which included most recently refusing to let Batsheva Dance Company use his composition in their piece, Humus.

As Ohed Naharin, the artistic director of Batsheva, has said, he and many other Israelis are prepared to make great sacrifices for peace but boycotts, by unfairly singling out Israel, do nothing to help peace or help the Palestinians, and only force Israelis and Palestinians further apart.

Boycotts of Israel unfairly discriminate against the only democracy in the Middle East and try to prevent people from experiencing Israel’s diverse culture, which is an attack on artistic freedom of expression.

Culture is a force for peace, which can help bring Israelis and Palestinians together, whilst boycotts actually make it harder for Israelis and Palestinians to interact, harming the prospects for peace.

We call on Brian Eno to drop his support for boycotts of Israel, including his refusal for Batsheva to use his composition and to instead use his talents to promote peace and coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians.

Will you sign?