Stop the flying of Hezbollah flags in London

On Sunday (3 July 2016) in London during the Al Quds Day anti-Israel march which around 600 people attended, Hezbollah flags were raised and placards saying “We are all Hezbollah” were held up.

We are very concerned that the insignia of and placards in support of Hezbollah, which is a virulently antisemitic terrorist organisation, were allowed on the streets of London.

The display of clear support for Hezbollah has caused deep distress and alarm to the Jewish Community in the UK, as well as many non-Jewish supporters of Israel. We are therefore disappointed that the Metropolitan Police did not take action against the flying of the Hezbollah flag on the day, despite this going against counter-terrorism legislation and the guidance of the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

We are therefore calling on our supporters to write to the Mayor of London with the message below, which we would encourage you to personalise. If you receive any response, please could you forward this on to us at [email protected].