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To: Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, Foreign Secretary

Peace needs to be achieved between Israel and the Palestinians.

Peace cannot be imported to the region and attempts to resolve the conflict through unilateral measures or through international measures such as conferences or resolutions where the parties are not involved are counter-productive to the peace process. Israel and the Palestinians must sit down together for peace talks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly called on PA President Mahmoud Abbas to resume peace talks. “I’m ready to meet with Abu Mazen at any time, without preconditions for direct talks. It’s something I’ve said hundreds of times and I’m saying it again here. I’m not picky about the location” (Netanyahu 6 September 2016). In his speech to the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu says: “I’m ready to begin negotiations … today – not tomorrow, not next week, today… Wouldn’t it be better if instead of speaking past each other we were speaking to one another? President Abbas… I invite you to speak to the Israeli people at the Knesset in Jerusalem.” (Netanyahu 22 September 2016).

Israel has offered peace deals on numerous previous occasions only to be rejected by the Palestinians.

Israel has also historically given up land for peace.

Israel is ready to negotiate a pathway to peace. This cannot happen without the Palestinians who are ignoring Netanyahu’s call for peace talks. This is unacceptable.

We ask you as Foreign Secretary to publicly and directly call on Mahmoud Abbas to return to the negotiating table without preconditions.

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