We have called on Go Fund Me to remove Palestine Action's fundraising page as it funds their attacks on Israeli linked companies and most recently campaigners and police officers: 



Letter reads: 

Dear Mr Cadogan and Mr Solomon,

We are writing to you about a Go Fund Me Page which we think is breaching your code of conduct, promoting violence and hatred. We are calling on you to remove their campaign from your site.

Palestine Action created a Go Fund Me Page on 10 August 2020 in support of ‘direct action against Israeli apartheid.’ https://www.gofundme.com/f/38n8tx-support-direct-action-against-israeli-apartheid

The direct action of which Palestine Action is referring includes vandalising buildings in the UK with a connection to Israel with red paint and damaging windows. They have so far cost Elbit, an Israeli-owned defence company, over £160,000 in damage, by Palestine Action’s own admission.

Most recently, on Saturday 10 October, a group of activists from Palestine Action got out of a car outside Elbit’s London offices and sprayed red paint on the building and surrounding buildings as well as on Jewish pro-Israel campaigners and police officers. 6 arrests were made, with one policeman hurt.

So far Palestine Action has raised over £4,000 on your site for use on further such activity. Their actions are illegal and thuggish and should not have any platform especially one  which they can use to secure funding.

For more information about their activities please see the following links:



We look forward to hearing from you and seeing their page removed.

Yours sincerely,


For more revelations about Palestine Action promoting illegal vandalism click on the links in the letter above and http://david-collier.com/action/