We Believe in Israel is a UK grassroots network of people united in believing in the right of the State of Israel to live in peace and security. We aim to support and facilitate activists who seek through local engagement and campaigning to create a more complete understanding of Israel and its situation in the UK, and to engage others in our communities, be they friends, neighbours, colleagues, local elected office holders or the media so that Israel’s case gets a fair hearing.

We Believe in Israel was launched to build on the success of the We Believe in Israel conference in London in May 2011, supported by 26 community organisations and attended by 1100 delegates.

We are a broad-based and inclusive coalition open to anyone, Jewish and non-Jewish, and from across the political spectrum, who subscribes to our core values and objectives. We seek to unite supporters of Israel in the UK around shared and fundamental common beliefs.


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Counter-demo in Whitehall this Wednesday: https://t.co/tusFIR1hgd
RT @ZionistFed: Wednesday 9th September, stand in solidarity with Israel - Join the Facebook Event here: https://t.co/ulLRemwQRy http://t.co/3oDEKaxxAA
Great day in Glasgow speaking at meeting of pro-Israel groups from across Scotland
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