About Us

We Believe in Israel’s Objectives

We Believe in Israel seeks to:

  • Provide a united front that brings together all the existing supporters of Israel in the UK, across the political spectrum.
  • Facilitate and support a grassroots network of supporters of Israel in the UK.
  • Help create a fair and balanced political environment for Israel in the UK.
  • Provide opportunities for people in the UK to engage in constructive dialogue and conversation about Israel.
  • Provide opportunities for Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of Israel to express their support for Israel.
  • Broaden active support for Israel beyond existing advocates to include a wide range of Jewish and non-Jewish voices.
  • Provide an atmosphere of solidarity and mutual support that helps supporters of Israel become active and feel safe and confident in expressing their support for Israel.
  • Ensure support for Israel is heard in debates whether online, in the traditional media or at public events.