I am sure you will be surprised and disappointed to hear that the British Government only proscribes the military wing of Hamas, and that its political wing is not banned by the UK.
Please join our campaign with IBA to change this and get Hamas banned in its entirety in the UK by using this link to email your MP and the Home Secretary:
Since 2006 has been responsible for igniting four major conflicts and the death of more than six thousand civilians.
Hamas has committed a multitude of war crimes: the direct and indiscriminate targeting of civilian populations, use of human shields, enlistment of children and hostage-taking.
The military and political infrastructures of Hamas are inseparable. However, in 2001 The Home Office proscribed only its military wing as a terror group, leaving its so-called political wing operating freely.
By contrast, Hamas has been outlawed in its entirety by other nations including Canada, the USA and Japan.
Consequently, the UK has become a safe harbour for Hamas to operate in, spreading its hateful antisemitic ideology with impunity.
The biggest losers from our government’s failure to proscribe Hamas in its entirety are the people of Gaza who are living under its oppression.
Allowing Hamas’ political wing to operate in the UK serves to legitimise the organisation.
Join the campaign to get it banned here:
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