Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, Lisa Nandy MP, has called for sanctions to be implemented against Israel if it applies sovereignty to/annexes parts of the West Bank. Whatever your views on whether Israel is right to consider doing this, we hope you will agree that sanctions are the wrong response, and sign our petition against them:

We the undersigned reject any calls for sanctions on Israel. We have a range of different views on whether it is right for Israel to apply sovereignty to/annex parts of the West Bank but we are united in rejecting calls by UK politicians for sanctions as a response. This would be disproportionate and inappropriate. It would damage the strong diplomatic, security and trade relationship between the UK and Israel. It would not deter Israel from taking the steps it wants to. Sanctions would be acceding to one of the demands of the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign, which is dedicated to destroying Israel through economic pressure. Sanctions are a last resort before military force for tackling armed aggression, not a tool for exerting pressure on an allied, democratic government, however much you disagree with its actions.

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