We will be sending the statement and list of signatories to the Mayor of Jerusalem to express our solidarity with his city and its people:
“To: Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem

Following the killings of Levana Malichi and Yosef Kirma by a Palestinian terrorist on 9 October 2016, we the undersigned wish to express our solidarity and sympathy with the Israeli people, and particularly the people of Jerusalem who have suffered the bulk of the many attacks.

We deplore the fact that Israel has suffered 42 deaths and 577 wounded in a year that has seen 255 stabbings, 109 shootings, 47 car rammings, and 85 bombings.

There is no possible justification or context that can excuse terrorist attacks like this.

We call on the Palestinian Authority to end incitement and the international community to provide any practical assistance it can to Israel’s response to this wave of terrorism.

We stand in solidarity with the city of Jerusalem and the Israeli people as they try to maintain normal life and a free and democratic society in the face of relentless terrorism."

Will you sign?