"We Believe in Israel calls on the Home Secretary to consider proscribing Yemen’s Houthis, officially known as “Ansar Allah”, under the Terrorism Act 2000. The Houthis are an aggressively antisemitic Iranian proxy whose longstanding extremism and use of terrorism against British allies and interests demands His Majesty’s Government takes strong and appropriate action against them.


While the Houthis have always been an antisemitic and anti-Zionist organisation, their aggressions towards Israel have significantly escalated since 7th October. These include launching drones and ballistic missiles at civilian population centres including Eilat and seizing a British-owned ship with Israeli links in the Red Sea. Historically, their rhetoric towards Israel and Jews has been extremist and violent with their call to arms and flag stating “Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews”. Elsewhere, the Houthis have carried out dozens of similar attacks against Yemeni government-controlled, Emirati, and Saudi population centres and critical national infrastructure.


Given the Houthis’ large scale and highly organised terrorist activities directed against British interests and allies, there is no conceivable reason why their current lawfulness remains in the public interest. Proscription would also support other members of the international community in the global fight against terrorism and send a strong message to Iran about the stance the UK takes on its use of proxies to project terror across the Middle East."

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